I have got great offer recently as Russ Degnan invited me to join him for his Associate & Affiliate podcast he regularly produces at Idle Summers and for which he deserves much credit. I gladly accepted looking forward to new experience.
I had listened to some of his podcasts in the past and talking about cricket looked like an easy thing to do. Conversation about a subject I love but I dont have much chance to talk about where I live, simple.
Though I knew roughly what we were going to talk about I was bloody nervous going “on air.” Various diversion activities of my son and our cat in the living room did not help me feel less nervous either. I also thought how to approach the introduction of a small ICC affiliate nation’s cricket, to be honest or to talk up things a bit? Then Skype connection Melbourne – Prague was established and I entered the realm of podcasts with Russ and Andrew Nixon.
The podcast failed to record due to technical issues. I admit I was rather happy because I thought I did not do well. After some scheduling issues between Czech Republic and Australia we got to the second attempt. I expected to be a bit more relaxed but I was as nervous as before. By the time we ended chatting I was tired, sweaty and my throat parched. I was frank in answering the questions without trying to ruffle someone’s feathers.
Having listened to the outcome I must say I do not like my spoken English one bit. This skill has deteriorated since my university days and needs to be improved along with my footwork and batting against spin.
On the other hand I got nice feedback from quite a few people. It is nice to learn many fans of the game take interest in cricket beyond the test level. I was pleasantly surprised by thumbs up I got from various twitteratti too.
Great thanks to Russ for providing the opportunity to inform fans about local cricket, our cricket union Czech cricket and my club Prague Cricket Club.

So if you want to know how corrupted bowlers got one guy from the middle of Europe interested in cricket here is the link: